Enjoy your dream lifestyle now

A wonderful opportunity to live by castle hill, surrounded by 1930s villas and lush greenery. All the stylish advantages of a new building that enlivens and sensitively complements this intimate historic district. Isn't it time for your dream home to become reality?

A forever fashionable area

Exclusivity borne from uniqueness. Value based on market rarity. While many long to live near the castle, few will see this dream realised. Will you be one of the selected few?

City at your fingertips

The three prime considerations for a property? Location. Location. Location. Every day you'll enjoy the convenience of having everything at your doorstep. Historic city centre, theatres and cultural events, city parks, restaurants and cafes for business meetings and family get-togethers... all within walking distance.

Ideal place for active lifestyles

Bratislava's residents and visitors have been enjoying Horský Park for over a century...and now it could be your daily stroll... Get ahead in life with Hausberg. Whether relaxing on the famous Sóltz bench, working out, jogging or strolling, this green oasis is just minutes from your urban retreat.